Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pro Life

I moved today, though
No one was aware of it,
Except the One
Who first ordained my life
Short weeks ago,
And I hear sounds:
A rhythmic heartbeat echoing
Through my snug growing place,
Voices, music, muffled to be sure,
But reassuring promises
Of my future world.
My elders have misnamed me:
Zygote, embryo, fetus,
But I am none of these,
No more than cat or dog
Or fox or tree!
The Creator does not confuse His works.
I am a human being.
I plead to share my mother's space
For nine brief months.
Then, if she so wishes,
Or pressing needs dictate
I'll live apart, for
Many empty hearts and homes
Would welcome me with joy!
Yet I would leave with her
A priceless gift-
Enduring pride in knowing
Deep within that, for a time,
She generously co-operated
With the Almighty One,
Serving steadfastly as vehicle
For His creative role
In launching forth
A brand new human life.
And should she live
For many years hereafter
She never will surpass
This noble deed.

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